wild wieners on the loose

There’s a little strip of nature preserve near where I work that’s droolingly gorgeous right now, so I’ve been going there for frequent hikes after work. Today I passed two people on the crest of a hill, and a minute later saw a kinda old, kinda roly-poly daschund tiredly trotting after them. Little wiener was so far behind that after I passed her/him and looked back, I couldn’t see the folks anymore – I could only see the lone dog slowly bouncing up the hill, ears flopping and fat lil belly swingin back and forth. At that moment I could imagine what the world would be like if there were wild wiener dogs roaming around in the woods making twig nests, sniffing flowers, crossing dirt roads at wiener crossing signs trailing rows of tiny puppies, making paths through the tall grass that actually look more like tunnels cuz they’re so short. And it made my day. Up until today I really didn’t care much for daschunds, but after that vision of free wieners I think I’m sold.


April 2, 2009. Tags: , . Uncategorized.

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  1. fawngonemad replied:

    i had a similar experience when a friend once commented “loose wiener!” to a little daschund that was runnin around a park, and i almost peed my pants from laughing. i’ve loved ’em ever since.

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