WTF it is!!!

Remember the mystery of the bunnymousepiglet from this post? Here’s a reminder photo, just in case the insane cuteness has been blocked out of your memory for self-protection:

how does this exist?

how does this exist?

Soooo, a little while ago Bree was trying to explain to me what a chinchilla looks like. Her description reminded me of this lil’ creature (or “creetcha” – yeah, you’ll get that in a minute), so I thought the mystery had been solved and showed her the picture. Turns out it’s not a chinchilla, but Bree decided to figure out what my little friend is all about and somehow, within a couple minutes she had found videos. Don’t ask me how. So it’s called a Jerboa, more specifically the one in the picture is a Long-eared Jerboa. There are lots of different types, some of which may be endangered. In the first two videos you will see the long-eared variety, and in the second two the pygmy variety. Unfortunately, both pygmy videos are of pets and a bit sad for that reason, but I think it’s worth watching them anyway. You thought you knew what cute was… well you thought wrong, my friend. Witness.


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  1. fawngonemad replied:

    wow, this really is a new level of cuteness — never would’ve guessed they hop like kangaroos! the one on the bottom looks like a bird and a mouse.

    how ’bout some pix and videos of bush babies?

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