I decided to start blogging while discussing my recent experience at the Allied Media Conference with a coworker last week. I say “discussing”, but really I was decompressing through prolonged analysis while she (awesomely) indulged me. During our conversation, she encouraged me to blog about my experience, saying it had helped her process hard-to-digest situations in the past. Since I was already interested in blogging, I decided what the hell – if I end up procrastinating on keeping up with my posts and this diary slides into oblivion, no one will be worse for the wear.   

I was unsure how to start out, because I have no idea how to theme my ramblings and it seemed random to start with an AMC report-back. It wouldn’t be that odd, since the conference most likely inspires a lot of people to start blogging and utilizing other avenues of electronic expression. I might write a post about the conference later, but I wanted something more overarching to start with; something everyone (not just techies and youth organizers) might be interested in.

Enter linguist George Lakoff, uttering a stereotypical sentence about freedom on KPFA that sent my mind off into critial analysis lala land, dwelling on ponderances ripe for the blogging. Of course, the reason this was so fabulously serendipitous is that the UTLIMATE, MOST STUPENDOUSLY (U.S.) AMERICAN HOLIDAY was just around the corner, on July 4th.

That’s now tomorrow… oops, no, today. It is now 1:16 AM on July 4th, 2008.
The first Mammouth entry follows. Assuming I don’t fall asleep before I finish. Please excuse my typos or possible neglect to credit someone, since I’m rushing this one. And thanks for reading.

P.S. Since I’m perpetually worried about being misunderstood, I’m going to just go ahead and explain the title of my blog so I can sleep at night: Mammouth because this is me having a big mouth. And because I’m bad at self-editing and will probably write mammoth posts.


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