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Oh, Liz Lemon! Oh, Tracy Morgan! I heart 30 Rock.

Update: Crap, I guess this post is pointless now that the clip’s been nixed. It WAS depicting Liz Lemon fawning sappily over a baby, saying “What a cute little girl… or boy, if you grow up and decide that that’s what’s inside you”

I tried to post another clip of Tracy, but it won’t work. You should really watch the full episode anyway. I don’t think I’ll spoil it if I just say… “a Blafair to Rememblack”? Oh, shit.

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This Weekend: SF Zinefest or BlogHer Conference?

Yeah, I know. BlogHer isn’t a particularly radical site, but I still thought this was going to be a tough choice since I’m new to blogging and want to learn more about it.

Then I downloaded the stuffed-full-of-corporate-ads brochure for BlogHer ’08, and realized that A) I can’t afford it, and B) it’s not up my alley anyway. Not that some of the sessions don’t sound interesting – there are several, in fact, that I’d love to attend. But even if I could afford it (really? all that corporate sponsorship and you still gotta charge $348?), I wouldn’t go because I suspect I’d feel more often alienated than inspired. What with an entire track devoted to mommyblogs (presumably this is supposed to be offset by a single session about being childless, “Women Without Children and the Blogosphere”); plenty of party politics, such as two concurrent sessions in the “What We Believe” track – one for conservatives and one for progressives (way to be inclusive of all two possible political identities!); so much Second Life* activity there’s a separate schedule for it (!!!); meet-ups consisting mainly of topics such as style/fashion, travel, personal finance/career, blogHims, health/fitness, home/garden………………ajdijeoiuhfjknclj;alweijf;oihjnvmieurohriowuijefoikugd

Sorry, I fell asleep.

Well, at least I got a good laugh out of it – morning yoga brought to you by Boca Burger! Really. Soy-protein-sponsored stretching. Every day.

So, poor me – looks like instead of learning how to make money off my blog about raising babies while fretting over which politico speaks to my virtual second heart, I’ll be attending an SF Zinefest ’08 Q&A with Cindy Ovenrack Crabb, creator of the frickin’ amazing zine Doris! Is it Saturday yet?

* For a more critical analysis of the f*ed up aspects of Second Life, check out the article “Same Shit, Different World” by Lauren Bans in the Wired & Inspired issue of Bitch magazine. You can also listen to an abbreviated (I think) version of the article on their podcast for free here. Oops, that’s the second time I’ve linked to Bitch in only 4 blog posts.

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